Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls, Back Pain & Bowen

“I was sceptical, but wanted to keep an open mind,” says Bear. He went to see East Sussex based Bowen Therapy Sarah Yearsley. “With the slightest squiggle of her fingers, it felt like petrol was being put back in my tank and I could feel all the stress seeping away”.

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Positive effects of Bowen on hamstring muscles

This research paper is a controlled trial looking into the impact of Bowen Therapy (or the Bowen Technique) on hamstring injuries and lower back pain. It concludes that a single treatment of the Bowen Technique significantly increases the flexibility of the hamstring muscles in asymptomatic individuals and maintains this level of increase for one week, demonstrating continuing improvements.

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The importance of water and Bowen

As a result of Bowen, the body increases blood supply to nerve endings and affects the movement of lymph around the body. To function effectively, these systems are entirely reliant on sufficient fluid. Following a Bowen treatment, fluid intake is therefore essential.

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37% reduced doctors' visits after having complementary therapy

The Federation of Holistic Therapies (FHT) conducted a ‘Complementary Therapy Help Me’ survey involving 1409 participants to help improve social prescribing among traditional healthcare services. Here is a summary of their findings.

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