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Woman bent over digging in garden

Low back pain & sciatic nerve pain

Female client – age 39 with intermittent, dull, low back ache for 15 months following the birth of her third child. The muscles felt contracted, shortened, tense and tight. Her back felt “vulnerable as though it might ping”.

Bouts of sciatic nerve type pain, running down the back of one leg, about 3 times per week. Pain would flare after lifting her children or when gardening. She had to limit digging to 5-10 minutes at a time. This caused not only discomfort but anxiety as it meant she frequently had to abandon activities to avoid further aggravation. Lifting her children was difficult to avoid. Stretching her hamstrings a couple of times every day eased the symptoms.

During her first Bowen appointment red marks (size of a 50p) appeared on her skin along both shoulder blades. These were no longer present at the end of the session. Her stomach grumbled after the Bowen moves around the knee area which is usually an indication that her parasympathetic nervous system (‘rest and repair’) had been activated.

After a session, clients are asked to walk around the room to ‘set’ the work. This client reported that her “shoulders felt lighter and the Bowen moves around the shoulder blades had relieved the tension”. She felt a sensation around the top of her hip bones, felt thirsty and her eyes looked a glazed. She waited a little longer before driving home.

2nd Bowen appointment – one week later

She recalled feeling very relaxed after the first Bowen session. She went home, lay down and felt an uncomfortable burning sensation under her right shoulder blade. This disappeared after five minutes and it felt like her shoulder blades had dropped. Her head felt clear, less “foggy” and she realised, for the past several months, she had unknowingly become accustomed to a constant mild headache.

During the week her lower back did not flare or pinch after 30 minutes of gardening, although the muscles felt slightly contracted. No pain or discomfort standing up from bending or sitting. One episode of very mild sciatic nerve type pain which resolved after 10 minutes.

On the day of her 2nd Bowen appointment she had carried two of her children – one on each hip – for about 50 metres without any issues. Her “back felt stronger, not vulnerable or about to ping”.

At the end of the 2nd session her face and eyes looked bright and sparkly .

3rd Bowen appointment – one week later

After her second appointment, she needed the loo several times during the night (worse than during pregnancy). The following day she felt relaxed, especially around the shoulder area and the deep hip joints felt as though she had done a serious gym workout.

On the day of her 3rd appointment her 3 year old was needing a lot of cuddles. She was able to carry her a lot and was less cautious because her back felt so good.

Follow up one week later

After her third Bowen appointment, she reported that her lower back “was amazing: the best it has felt for a very long time”. “No twinges or sensations that it was about to ping”. She had been able to do gardening and sit for long periods to study without experiencing any discomfort. No “sciatic nerve type pinching pain” and hadn’t needed to do any hamstring stretches. She was delighted with the outcome from having three Bowen Therapy sessions.

Without the pain, it had made her aware of her lack of strength so she joined a Pilates class the following week.

Exhausted man

Reduced mobility and poor sleep

Male client – age 37 with 6 year history of sleep deprivation. After sleeping for around an hour, 6 out of 7 nights this client would then wake for 2+ hours. Managing at most, 3-6 hours sleep each night, he felt physically exhausted and had poor concentration. Heel bone fracture 6 months previously which left him with a constantly tight and inflexible ankle. An avid walker, whenever he hiked uphill, he experienced discomfort and tightness in his quadriceps and groin

In the 7 days following his 1st Bowen session, he experienced 3 nights sleeping 7-8 hours/night and 5-6 hours on the other 4 nights. 

He felt tightness in the ankle, groin and quadriceps on a minor uphill walk, all of which were no longer present by the time he reached home. These symptoms returned temporarily a day later but at the end of that week, after ascending a steep 1100 feet incline, noted only mild tightness in his ankle. At a follow up appointment, he reported that he occasionally feels an insignificant tightness but this is only ever momentary. In addition, his sleep remains much improved, he feels refreshed on waking, copes more effectively with work related stress and his day is not compromised on the rare occasion when his sleep is disturbed. 

After having a course of 4 Bowen sessions, this client was able to enjoy a once in a lifetime holiday to Sri Lanka and participate in day trips involving a lot of walking. He has since started running again and feels his body is “now back to normal” and is thrilled to be able to exercise to the intensity prior to injury. This in turn has greatly improved his mental well-being.

Woman sitting with arms wrapped around belly

Throbbing stomach ache with urgency to pee

Female client – age 32 mentioned a 15 year history of frequent urinary tract discomfort at the first appointment whilst attending clinic for a restricted shoulder issue. In the 15 year period she was prescribed antibiotics on 3 occasions. All other times urine tests were negative but the sensation of feeling she needed to pee remained. Frequent dull, throbbing lower abdominal ache which made her feel tired and sleepy. She would often go to bed mid-afternoon disrupting her day. Drinking more water would ease the discomfort.

Before the session she went to the loo, passed a small amount of urine. At the end of the first session she immediately got up from the therapy couch and passed the equivalent of “a good morning flow, the amount I’d pass after getting up in the morning”. Throughout the following week she felt movement throughout her body. The dull throbbing ache in her lower abdomen fluctuated throughout the day and she felt the sensations after eating junk food and when tired. At the 2nd appointment it felt as though  “an infection was dormant and could flair up”.

At the 3rd session she reported she had had no urinary tract discomfort or symptoms that week.

This client returns for ad hoc maintenance Bowen Therapy sessions. At follow ups 4-6 months later she reported only one flare up –  the result of dehydration which quickly resolved.

Bowen can also be excellent for PMT and menopausal, hormonal issues too.

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I had never tried Bowen before working with Louise. I was instantly made to feel at ease, I found her really easy to talk to when describing my ailments and her treatment room was very comfortable. Louise gave me the encouragement to pursue overlooked ailments with my doctor to help rule things out. In the end, the Bowen treatments I received cured my cystitis problems and really helped with my asthmatic condition. Having a course of sessions booked over a few weeks I also noticed an improvement in my well-being and emotions. Generally I felt I had ‘moved on’ and felt a lot happier and healthier both in body and mind. I will definitely be booking in for more sessions with Louise.

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