Bowen Therapy ~ light-touch, hands-on bodywork to calm your nervous system and rebalance your body


Your senses are on overdrive
You’re sleep deprived and over stimulated
Your back hurts and you have a stiff neck

Step into the Bowen Therapy bell-tent feeling frazzled

Leave revitalised and refreshed

Potted plants and leaf garlands decorating the corner of the festival belltent awning. Bright pink cyclamen brighten up the Bowen Therapy information table.
Therapy couch set up and a decorative garland around the doorway of the Bowen Therapy festival belltent.

Bowen Therapy – the perfect antidote to festival fun

If you suffer from …

Back, hip or knee pain

Tight neck & shoulders

Headache / Migraine

Stress and Anxiety

Or feel frazzled and overwhelmed

Retreat from the chaos and try something different

Bowen Therapy takes a very different approach to bodywork

Lying on a therapy couch, wearing loose clothing, the subtle Bowen Moves are applied to stress-loading areas throughout your body.

Using my thumbs or fingers, I apply a precise, slow and deliberate roll over the muscle to create a disturbance in the underlying muscles and connective tissue.

Throughout the session I introduce short breaks of around 30-60 seconds to give your body time to process this touch response.

Bowen Therapy bell-tent under colourful flags hanging from a large tree.

Bowen has a calm, relaxed, flowing rhythm

Louise Atwill giving Bowen Theray to a client laying on their front with their leg bent at the knee whilst Louise is working on their back

We don’t need to work deeply or create pain to get results. We skilfully perform the ‘simple but not easy’ Bowen Move, in the right place and leave the body to work out any adjustment or realignment that’s needed.

Bowen Therapy being performed through light clothing on the back

Each treatment will finish with dreamy, deliciously relaxing moves to the scalp and face 

Come and meet me in my beautiful, welcoming bell-tent

Inside Louise's bell-tent with comfy bright orange cushions, two vintage storage baskets with fresh fruit bowl, water and clock on a tray. Faux sheepskin rug on the floor.
Therapy couch set up with colourful cotton sheet and towels in the Bowen festival tent

Clients have some superb results with Bowen in festival fields with me.

If you are feeling fragile or your back and hips are sore from camping – try something different & get your body (gently) rebooted!

I had a fantastic session with Louise. I’ve never had Bowen before and was interested in it for anxiety. Felt incredibly safe during the session and so calm afterwards. She has also kindly reached out with information to help find a practitioner local to me which is so appreciated.  Hannah S.

My first introduction to Bowen Therapy having a neck and lower back complaint. Louise was so informative when explaining how Bowen can help – then it felt like she had performed a miracle. It was one of the most relaxing and enjoyable sessions. I have booked monthly Bowen Body Therapy sessions moving forward. Thank you Louise!!  Jill D.

I met Louise at the festival where she kindly did some work on my TMJ pain (jaw and face) and the next day it was gone. She has a lovely, kind, nurturing presence and isn’t really floaty which is a big bonus for me. I would love to see her again but I don’t live near her but I will be seeking out another Bowen practitioner closer to home following my experience with her.  Louise W.

Louise Atwill in a purple jumper sitting on the Bowen therapy couch with green leaf plants in the background.

For a calm and unrushed treatment, Louise allocates
~ 50 mins for 45 mins paid sessions ~
~ 35 mins for 30 mins paid sessions ~

To Book
07901 886 339 / 07707 142 054

Text both numbers above with your preferred day & time (am, pm or eve),
I will reply within 10 minutes.
come and see me in my bell-tent

07901 886 339 / 07707 142 054

If you don’t get a quick reply, it’s likely the signal is poor and your message hasn’t reached me, so come to my bell-tent to book in.