What is Bowen Therapy?


A very different hands-on therapeutic approach to managing pain

Using my thumbs or fingers, I gently challenge and roll over the muscle to create a disturbance in the underlying tissue.

This disturbance creates a ripple effect throughout the body, gently stimulating the nerve and lymphatic systems.
Together, your sensory nervous system and brain, prompt your body to make any adjustments to relieve tension and reduce pain.

Throughout the session, I alternate between applying Bowen moves and leaving the room for a minute or two. This Break is to give your body time to process the moves without interruption. When I return I assess the area for changes in the muscle tension and skin tone. I will then repeat the cycle of applying the appropriate Bowen moves, followed by a break.

What you might feel

You may feel as though you are sinking deeply into the therapy couch; feel twitching, heat or rippling in your muscle/s; or a sensation in a completely different area (often corresponding to an old injury site). This generally happens during a break when I’m out of the room or after the session when you are at home. The Breaks are an important element to the treatment.

Skin and clothing

Although I do Bowen through light clothing, I am in fact working closely with the largest organ of the body – the skin. Beneath the skin is the adipose tissue which contains a myriad of complex systems including nerve cells. These detect our touch and relay messages via the spinal cord to the brain. From here this ‘two-way’ conversation continues and the body can detect imbalance (structural and emotional) and initiate realignment, rebalance and repair.

Think of Bowen as “a reboot”.  Pressing “Control Alt Delete”.

The Bowen move is precise, slow and deliberate.
The treatment has a methodical, calming, unrushed rhythm.

If you are in pain or discomfort; highly stressed, experiencing severe anxiety, PMT or hormonal issues, give Bowen a go. Three sessions, a week apart, could potentially make a huge difference to your life.

Text, phone or email – let’s have a chat.

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What to expect at a Bowen appointment

How long is an appointment?

The first appointment is 60-75 minutes which gives me time to gain an understanding of the symptoms you are experiencing. followed by a full body treatment. At the subsequent appointments, we will go over the consultation points to check you are making improvements and identify how Bowen Therapy is helping you. Each session builds and consolidates the work, week on week. Bowen is never a routine session, each one is designed specifically for your body. Subsequent sessions are 60 minutes.

Bowen is done through clothing - what should I wear?

Most people love that they remain dressed during a session. Light clothing such as baggy shorts, thin, loose trousers, (PJs), long sleeve top or T-shirt are ideal. If you prefer skin contact, underwear is fine too.

Will Bowen be painful?

Bowen should never be painful. Performing the unique, rolling-type moves across specific muscles, the pressure will vary but will never be painful. We do not need to apply deep pressure for Bowen to be effective.


I struggle to lie down, can I still have Bowen?

Generally most Bowen moves are performed when you are laying down and occasionally seated. If you are unable to lay down, I can easily adapt my work so that you receive a full session.

I'm in pain, will I be comfortable?

My therapy couch is really comfy (it is not a massage table) and I have loads of pillows and extra blankets to make you as comfortable as possible. When deeply relaxed, your body has a better chance of triggering its natural instinct to gently re-align, re-balance and restore ~ on an emotional and physical level.

Clinic Room

I have a ground floor room dedicated to my Bowen clinic in my smoke- & pet-free home. There is one step in the hallway into the clinic room.


Why do you keep leaving the room?!

With Bowen we perform a number of moves to a specific area and then back off to give your body time to process what we have done. This is far more effective than throwing a lot of work and expecting your body to respond to all of these demands. If your body is overloaded it will switch off and do nothing. After a short while, my clients don’t notice me going in and out of the room as they are far too relaxed!

Gentle with frequently astonishing results!


Bowen is very different to anything I have ever had. It’s very subtle but it worked for my back.

Charlotte P.

Bowen Therapy, Bowen Body Therapy or the Bowen Technique is not a substitute for medical treatment.
The information contained in this website is given for your information and is not intended to replace guidance from your doctor or other health care professional.